About this site

I spotted the following comment on You Tube:-

I came here because of horrible thoughts in my head. I love Jesus Christ and I am saved but for some reason I started thinking about suicide and ended up finding myself watching people commit suicide on the Internet.

I have no idea how I got there but I know that Satan is trying to get into my head and I won’t let that happen. Jesus is my saviour and is greater than Satan. Satan is not even worth a speckle in the light of God!

God please help me and help all the others that are going through problems and seeking you as an answer. Get these horrible thoughts out of my head and also others. Thank you Jesus.  Amen

My heart goes out to hurting people


  • 38 million prescriptions a year for the anti-depressant drug Prozac
  • Many thousands of children are suffering from an attention disorder
  • Millions of children are prescribed  the powerful class A drug, Ritalin
  • 7 million women world-wide aged 15 to 35 have an eating disorder
  • 500,000 people regularly  cut themselves with knives, razors or broken glass
  • Thousands of ten to eighteen-year-olds attempt suicide each year in Britain

In addition to these alarming statistics, abuse is so common that it happens every day to thousands of adults and children around the UK. Abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual and is characterised by the actions of an individual that could potentially damage another person.


Underlying conditions

When seeking a solution to either emotional or physical health problems, it’s always tempting to look for a single cause and a single cure. Very rarely is this successful.

The most severe conditions often occur where several underlying factors co-exist; often a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual problems.

Lasting health improvements are usually only achieved when all the underlying conditions are detected and put right.

The main Food For Thought web site deals with those underlying nutritional conditions that can affect emotional health.

The Unhealthy Relationships web site  is aimed at those who are trying to cope with their own emotional scars – or struggling to understand and deal with the attitudes of people they live or work with.

This site is about:-

  • negative and besieging thoughts
  • perceptions and emotional reactions
  • a level of emotional ill-health that may go unrecognised
  • how perceptions can be changed and destructive thought patterns broken
  • how we can become the person we were created to be.


Your thoughts are your world; they create a blueprint
for how things will turn out for you in your life.
So let’s begin by looking at:-

Negative thoughts